Running on Vacation

There is nothing like spending some time traveling and discovering new places.
With 2 days off, I decided it was perfect for a small vacation and off to the beach we went!

Ricardo & Angela Dionisio at Grand Bend beach

We went to Grand Bend beach and I found this hidden jem trough #OntarioSouthwest Instagram account and what a place!

Grand Bend beach reminds me of my hometown with long sandy beaches, beautiful blue water (that looks like the ocean btw) and local shops!

R&A Grand Bend beach
R&A Grand Bend beach

We also went to Pinery Provincial Park so our dog could enjoy the vacay by the beach too!

Besides the fun part of being on a vacation, there is always down time specially in the morning when everybody is lazy and just wants to relax.

And there is nothing wrong with that! But instead of staying in bed for a couple more hours, why not make time for a run?

Thats what came to my mind even before leaving home. So I packed my running gear and brought with me.

After a fun day by the beach, next day I woke up earlier and I decided to go for a easy 8k run beside the lake.

It was an awesome opportunity to run in a new location and to see things in a different perspective.

Ricardo Dionisio running in Goderich beach

It was the first time I ran while on vacation and I loved it! And I will repeat for sure :)

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