3 days in Ottawa, Ontario - Canada

Enjoying the day at Parliament Hill

For Victoria day long weekend we decided to travel to the capital of Canada, Ottawa. 

Being a Photographer traveling light is always hard. For that reason we decided to buy the Fujifilm X-T1 to be our small personal camera! This was our gear to enjoy the stay and take some photos:

Ricardo & Angela | Fujifilm set up

Ottawa has a lot to see and visit. From Monuments, Museums, to beautiful parks. You feel overwhelmed with so much the city as to offer!

We tried to get the most of by visiting the main touristic attractions such as The National War Memorial, Parliament Hill, Nepean Point, Rideau Canal and others.

Even though it was cloudy, that did not hold us back from visiting the city of Ottawa and taking some pictures!

During our stay, we got the chance to go on the Lady Drive Amphibus.

Bus tours are not usually our interest when we visit a new place but when we saw the hybrid bus/boat tour we had to try it!

We couldn't be happier! The tour was amazing and the guide was very informative giving lots of insights about the city.

For sure a must if you plan to visit Ottawa!

Before heading home, we visited the Canadian Tulip Festival.

The location where this festival takes place is right by Dow's Lake. This lake and it's surroundings are just breathtaking! We couldn't help ourselves from renting a canoe and enjoying the best of what nature has to offer!

Ottawa is an amazing must visit location in Canada :)