I went to college to take Photography between 2007 and 2009.

Since them I have photographed a bit of everything. From live shows, touristic cruises in the Algarve to Weddings in Canada!

Even though I have experience in different photography fields, my mainly focus is Wedding Photography.

If I could describe how my photography style is, it would be a mixture of journalistic photography and commercial photography. It's all about capturing spontaneity and the natural beauty of each moment, but also creating artistic images that will take your breath away.

Even though I live in Olhão, Portugal I already lived 6 years in Canada and I am still lucky enough to be able to keep travelling the World doing what I love.

I also teamed up with Boundless Weddings to capture beautiful memories for newlyweds in Canada. If you are Canadian, give them a shout out!

If you would like to meet me or chat to know a bit more about myself and my services, feel free to reach out. Chat soon!