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Do I need a Photo Permit?

Ricardo Dionísio

"Do I need a Photo Permit?"
Our answer is a big YES!

There are couples that chose not to get a permit, however, if you want to take your wedding pictures at a specific location with zero risks, you require a permit or you will be asked by the park administration to leave. 

Most cities in Ontario ask for a photo permit to take any professional photos in major parks/locations and they all have security enforcement to ensure compliance with their rules. When you get a Photo Permit, you get piece of mind and can enjoy your day stress-free!

Location:   Port Credit Memorial Park, Mississauga

Location: Port Credit Memorial Park, Mississauga

Contact the city of the respective location where you want your photos taken to book the location you desire as soon as possible. Usually you should book your photo location 6-8 months before your event and pricing can vary from $100-$400. The park administration will let you know if the location is available for the date desired, the cost and also the time you are able to be there.

There are so many locations to choose from. You can choose outdoor locations, indoors, taking advantage of natural backgrounds or you can opt for an urban look instead!

From experience, we recommend for you to choose a location that it is not too far from the location of the Ceremony or the Banquet Hall. For example, if your wedding in mainly in Brampton we don’t recommend anyone to get their photos taken in Toronto. You will spend more time travelling back and forth in traffic than taking amazing photos of your big day!

Location:   Adamson Estate, Mississauga

Location: Adamson Estate, Mississauga

Don’t forget to have a Plan B for your outdoor location in case it rains or snows. Sometimes taking it by granted based on the month of the year, can be decision you may regret on your wedding day. We have had weddings mid Summer where it rained out of nowhere! Your wedding day is a new beginning in your life, and to make sure you have images you can cherish forever, we couldn’t stress enough how important an indoor location is!

Location:   Alderlea House, Brampton

Location: Alderlea House, Brampton

And finally, don't forget to give some thought on key images you want to prioritize. Time at the park is limited and valuable, specially for shots of the bride and groom together, some images with "not-as-close" family can be taken at your banquet hall. After all, we all know who's pictures we want to be hanging on the walls at home :) 

Now, enjoy your wedding day and smile a ton!

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