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Ricardo Dionisio Photography | Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer based in Faro, PORTUGAL.

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Ozzy's Valentines Day Session

Ricardo Dionísio

valentines day session

This Valentines Day we leave you a post of our sweet Boston Terrier and maybe a little inspiration to adopt your next furry friend!

Ozzy has recently been adopted by the Dionisio Family. This is his 3rd home and he isn't even 3 years old yet! At first, the idea of adopting a dog made us feel a bit uncomfortable, not knowing what kind of problems a pet for adoption would have and what kind of problems we would be facing wasn't necessarily in our comfort zone. 

Because all dogs for adoption should have some sort of problem right!? Well... Actually we were wrong!

Little did we know that we had opened our arms to the sweetest, most playful and well mannered dog we've ever met! Animals, just like humans, learn with their life experiences too, and adopted ones sure know how to appreciate who gives them love! All they want is a forever home and to give lots of love to their forever owners! 

So next time you are planning to get a furry friend, think twice about adoption, you might just be surprised with the outcome :)

Lots of love,
Ricardo, Angela and Ozzy <3