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Urbanização Zona Alta
Quelfes, Faro, 8700

Ricardo Dionisio Photography | Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer based in Faro, PORTUGAL.



About me


It all started when...

I went to college to take Photography in Faro, Portugal between 2007 and 2009.

Since then I have photographed a bit of everything. From concerts to tours in the Algarve to Weddings in Canada and Mexico!
If I could describe the way I photograph, it would be a mix of journalistic photography and commercial photography. I always try to capture the spontaneity and the natural beauty of each moment, but also create unique and artistic images.

Although Faro, Portugal is where I live, I have worked for 6 years in Canada and I am fortunate to continue traveling the world to photograph!

I am also a Certified Trainer by the IEFP where I periodically give training / workshops where I share my knowledge.

If you want to reserve the date of your event or just contact me to get to know me a little better, send me a message and I will have It's all the pleasure of talking to you!